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Cybersecurity requires agile responses [By Michel Van Den Berghe, Chairman, ORANGE CYBERDEFENSE]

05 septembre 2016

Never have companies and administrations been so exposed to digital risks. Attackers demonstrate great technical creativity and carry out their offensive actions over wide geographical areas. According to Morgan Stanley (1), losses related to cybercrime have doubled in the last five years.

Faced with such an economic challenge and with ever-changing modus operandi, companies must invest in solutions that can identify threats as early as possible. The capacity to protect digital assets is becoming increasingly strategic: it involves understanding what needs to be protected and determining the corresponding security measures required at the operational level.

This approach requires a combination of constantly evolving technical skills and consideration for the issues specific to each company. By adding the renowned Threat Intelligence specialists from LEXSI to ORANGE CYBERDEFENSE, we have acquired unparalleled expertise in the industry.  We look forward to showcasing our know-how during FIC 2017 as a proud « DIAMOND » sponsor of this major European cybersecurity event.


(1) “Cybersecurity: Time for a Paradigm Shift” – Morgan Stanley, June 2016.




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