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50 million dollars in crypto stolen from Curve

White hat hackers are said to be among the attackers of this decentralized finance platform.

Antifraud action - August 04, 2023

Since July 30, 2023, the Curve crypto exchange platform has been the target of a series of cyberattacks leading to the theft of over 50 million dollars (45.7 million euros). Attackers exploited a vulnerability in the Ethereum Vyper blockchain’s smart contract programming, which is used by the decentralized trading platform. The theft involves a number of different cryptocurrencies.

A Vyper developer believes the attackers may have taken “weeks, if not months” to infect the platform. The actual scale of the theft is hard to determine. As soon as the attack was discovered, ethical hackers sought to test the cybercriminals’ protocols. The “white hats” may enable a partial restitution of the stolen funds.

Curve is specialized in stablecoin exchanges (crypto indexed on fiat currency) and manages around three billion dollars in liquid assets.

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