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9/12/2021: #DigitalTrends Presidential J-500

October 29, 2020

Freedom? Equality ? Fake news!

The Villa Numeris organizes on Wednesday, December 9th, a morning of exchanges and work gathering the actors of the democratic game, information and the fight against the manipulation of information.

The democrats are one step behind. The foreign powers that have an interest in disrupting the 2022 presidential election are already in the making. In the aftermath of the US election, what lessons can we learn from the US campaign? How did the social networks behave? Are we really sure of the sincerity of the election?

With more than a year to go before the French presidential election, have the lessons of the ballot and the manipulations of 2017 been learned? What lessons have been learned from the recent crises, covid-19 and yellow jackets? How will institutions and the media protect themselves from attacks and destabilization ventures? Are media professionals sufficiently organized and equipped? How are social networks organized? Is there still time to strengthen our defenses? If so, how?

Information and registration here. 


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