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After Scaleway, Hosteur also leaves Gaia-X

The French cloud host Hosteur has decided to leave the European cloud project Gaia-X, believing its principles betrayed by the omnipresence of American and Chinese players.

Digital transition - December 16, 2021

Two weeks after the thunderous departure of Scaleway, a new French operator—the cloud hosting company Hosteur—slams the door on Gaia-X, the European sovereign cloud project.

In a press release, the company invokes the same reason that pushed Scaleway to leave Gaia-X: a betrayal of the project’s principles. “Initially presented as a sovereign European alternative, Gaia-X was to become a competitor for the dominant players in the sector. Nevertheless, during its development the multicloud welcomed several American and Chinese companies,” Hosteur explains.

Alibaba, Amazon, Google or Microsoft have indeed joined Gaia-X (even if they cannot vote in the board of directors) and have even been sponsors of the European consortium’s annual event in November 2021.

Hosteur points to a split between two opposing visions of Gaia-X among European players: “The opening up to non-European companies, which is widely supported by the German and Dutch governments—who are openly pro-American—has always posed a problem for the real supporters of the project, be they French, Italians or Spanish.”

“For Hosteur, this is not a strategic decision but rather a moral one. Continuing this collaboration knowing that the project is sabotaged from the inside by Gafa is not only a waste of time but also a betrayal of our customers because none of the essential objectives of the project—sovereignty, data confidentiality, and reversibility—will be respected,” concludes Laurent Escart, CEO of the Hosteur group.

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