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CitiZENSec in the FICcity !

January 15, 2014

Four digital channels are at your disposition within the premises of the Grand Palais to discover the CitiZENSec spotlight! Launched at the occasion of the European Cybersecurity month last Octber, this awareness video for digital risks (in English and French) destined for the greater public was produced with the initiative of ISSA France. It was conceived by a cybersecurity expert committee and educational professionals, the Sydo Pedaggo agency, which is known for “Draw eco for me” in Le Monde newspaper.

It should be noted that society did not turn a corner in cybersecurity, even as digital technology increased exponentially and as ever diverse and mobile material, and thus this great ergonomy leaves users with a perverse impression of security. Faced with the mixed results of only addressing the collaborators of companies, it appears today that it is more preferable than ever to address the individual, the citizen, to the bonus pater familias.

« How to involve society in this project ? » was thus the main challenge of this production. This is the point where participatory financing (crowdfunding) became a step on its own in the awareness process. After 60 days, over 3000 emails and 50 contributions (from citizens, small offices, SMBs, and even large enterprises) were able to commence this new step.

If like us, you think that today’s awareness issue is not to ensure that citizens become security experts but that they’re able to perceive the value of a “safe reflex” and also get a better picture of their area of responsibility, do not hesitate to rob promotional postcards distributors from this spot and distribute them to your family, loved ones and staff.

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