Patricia Dreidemy

Patricia Dreidemy is a journalist specializing in digital, tech and IT for more than 25 years. As an independent journalist since 2002, she has and continues to contribute to numerous publications such as “Alliancy le mag” and “Solutions Numériques”. 
Other collaborations she has collaborated one moment include “Décision Achats”, “CRESTEL Info de l’AFUTT”, “La Tribune”, “”, “Industrie & Technologies”, “.Net”, “Zdnet”, “”, “Telecominfonews”,
“”, “Réponse à Tout” among others. From 1995 to 2002 she was journalist at the “Journal du Téléphone”, a reference in the telephone and
telecom sectors.  She began her career as editor-in-chief at “Editions A jour” with the newsletters “Vocal” and “E-commerce”.  She also worked on the daily
publication “Industrie de l’information” and the magazine “Solutions Télématiques”, became “Internet Professionnel”.