André Viau

Prefect of the Region (m). Officer of the French Legion of Honour and National Order of Merit. After graduating from ENA, André Viau was assigned to the Ministry of the Interior. He was appointed sub-prefect (1981-1995) then prefect (1995). In this capacity, he served in Haute-Corse, Yonne, Pyrénées atlantiques, Centre Region, and Midi-Pyrénées Region (2007). He was also deputy director of the cabinet of the Minister of the Interior (2006/2007), adviser to the cabinet of the Prime Minister (2002/2004), and cabinet director of the Minister of Defence (2007/2009). He was Chairman and CEO of Sofired (2009/2014), and Chairman of the Société de gestion de participations aéronautiques (SOGEPA) (2009/20012).
Since 2016, he has been Chairman of Ares Audit. He is a co-founder of the ID&KYC Forum.

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