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[Contribution] Why CerberHost? Because your sites are vulnerable… [by Emile Heitor, CTO, NBS Systems]

Cybercrime - January 12, 2015

Haitor_contribution_cerberhost0CerberHost protects from known threats and detects actions to create, find or exploit vulnerabilities of your Information System. Security is not a concept but a skill.

About secure hosting?

The original story of the hosting provider, NBS System, is closely linked to cybersecurity. In the mid-2000s, under the leadership of its customers, NBS System invested heavily in its hosting infrastructure to combine hosting and high security. The Security Business Unit retained its activity while supporting the hosting division in management of private Cloud. This meeting of minds created a single product: CerberHost, the high security hosting.

CerberHost benefits from techniques that will respond to known attacks (through regular updates and detection tools connected to the reputation based IP Firewall), combined with a behavioral approach capable of detecting vulnerabilities. In order to anticipate threats, the security division goes on its activities of R&D around security and penetration testing, thus enriching constantly the knowledge of the SecOPS Division. (Security Operations)

A well-established procedure!

This cooperation between SecOps, infrastructure and Customer Services teams (N1, N2 and N3 support) has been developed very quickly and the human organization is now perfectly put into practice.

The time generally finds between the detection of an anomaly and complete neutralization of the problem is 15 minutes.  For banal intrusions, this time is reduced by half.

Statistics show that in 90% of compromise cases, the source has been discovered by a third party. In addition to its outsourcer expertise, NBS System offers its customers to be this third party ensuring the system security.

Security is not a concept …

Haitor_contribution_cerberhost3Many « secured Cloud » (self-proclaimed) are satisfied to establish firewalling and SSL certificates rules which are ineffective by their insufficiency.

An overwhelming percentage of attacks vectors take the form of interaction with the HTTP port, which must remain opened by nature. And even if it would be encrypted by mechanisms like SSL/TLS, it would not prevent the wrongdoer to interact with the information system.

At NBS System, the apprehension of application attacks is the result of expertise and experience. It is precisely because some believe that it is improvised that systems are still being hacked. Finally, the security is not a concept but a skill.


Emile Heitor,

CTO, NBS Systems.

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