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Cyber security: French speaking people unite at FIC 2016 [by Jean-Marie Corriere, Systemis]

Cyber risks - October 15, 2015

To improve global Cybersecurity, it’s time to work our French!

During the former FIC 2015 the first communication actions towards the french-speaking people were launched. In 2016, Systemis teams up with CEIS to introduce a brand new conference. To facilitate the participation of national & international actors, we have chosen to collect trough the Web any information, contribution proposals, or inquiry you may have upon “Cyber security and French-speaking people”.

To kick off the discussion, we propose to start with the resources that allow innovation to:

  • Improve Cybersecurity for French Speaking Communities (FSC), but also for monolingual, bilingual or multilingual communities,
  • Strengthen synergies in Cybersecurity between the business, the FSC governments and citizens.

Please feel free to extend themes & issues to any other else that may be relevant like: Internet ‘s intercommunity trade, predictive analytics, self-study, communication cyberspace.

Send your contributions and suggestions at: FIC2016@systemis.eu


It’s not over yet. As you may know, CEIS teams up with Kubuk Consulting – the event founder – & The French Elements in Senegal, to set up the next SecurityDay conference. Book now the 15th & 16th March 2016 at King Fahd Palace in Dakar and be part of Africa’s future Main event for “Security and digital confidence”.

French-speaking people, share our Cybersecurity proposals in Dakar in march 2016.

FIC2016 achievements will be displayed & enhanced during the SecurityDay conference in Dakar.

Meet us at FIC2016 and since then, feel free to meet/contact us :

SYSTEMIS                                                                           CEIS

fic2016@systemis.eu                                                  vriou@ceis.eu

12 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris,                                         280 boulevard Saint Germain 75007 Paris

69 rue de Richelieu 75002 PARIS,

18-20 rue Jean Rostand 91400 Orsay.

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