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Cybersecurity: A Field Where an Alliance Makes a Difference (By Eric Monnoyer, INOP’s)

Cyber risks - Operational security - January 19, 2017

Large public and private organisations must have access to the best expertise to defend themselves against constantly developing cyber threats. This represents a real challenge for them. Companies’ success in digital transformation depends on their capacity to anticipate sources of risk, which constantly evolve under the impetus of technologies, related to strategy, operational implementation, configuration and defence management infrastructure.

The EGIDE alliance is a new value proposition to the market. On the one hand, it aims to answers to any questions and meet any needs that large public or private organisations may have regarding cybersecurity, as well as ensure a renewal of the expertise provided. The profiles of the EGIDE experts working in the field of cybersecurity are thus very diverse:

  1. to support prioritisation of actions and investments depending on client business risks,
  2. to effectively design and develop cybersecurity systems,
  3. or even to take part in their operations on or off site.

On the other hand, EGIDE relies on players who each have a strong field of specialisation. The advantage lies in being able to combine extensive experience in a topic with an attention to detail which ensures operational success in terms of both managerial decision-making and technical implementation. These players are all individually known and respected in their fields of work. Lacking the strike force that a major brand can create, they owe their success to recognition of their expertise alone. They decided to combine such expertise to be able to offer more to their clients and to the rest of the market.

Initially seven in number*, the expertise SMEs belonging to EGIDE will be joined by other specialists who will contribute new niches of excellence. Concerning capacity, today the alliance brings together more than 250 professionals, who constitute a real critical mass in light of the pools of expertise available. The human dimension of the organisations in which these professionals are advancing also ensures development of their expertise and personalised follow-up. Success depends in part on whether the organisational dimension of cybersecurity is taken into account. This requires more than cyber technical skills.

The alliance is operationally managed by Inop’s, which for more than seven years has been granting large companies access to SMEs specialised in digital affairs. Inop’s is the main contractor that assumes operational, administrative and financial responsibilities as regards EGIDE clients. Inop’s has formed a network of more than 180 partners through a process of quality certification. EGIDE thus relies on a pre-established level of common and reciprocal commitments between Inop’s and its partners, enabling the latter to concentrate on developing the best solutions for clients. EGIDE by Inop’s represents an innovative and competitive multi-specialist proposition force in cybersecurity.

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