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Cybersecurity: the keys to crisis management

The next inCyber breakfast will take place in person and by video on September 12, 2023, from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m., on the theme of “Cybersecurity: the keys to crisis management”.

Operational security - July 18, 2023

There are two types of organization: those that have already fallen victim to a cyber-attack, and those that soon will,”announced Guillaume Poupard in 2022.

With their growing dependence on technology, organizations are faced with an ever-changing cyber threat, which can jeopardize their activities, data, and reputation.

In the face of this risk, cyber crisis management has become an essential skill for any entity wishing to protect its interests as well as those of its employees, customers, and users.

From simple malfunctions to data leaks and total paralysis of digital services, it is essential to have the keys to preventing risks, but also to know how to react when a crisis occurs, to limit its consequences.

We welcome Stéphanie Ledoux, director and founder of Alcyconie, a firm specializing in crisis management, Emmanuelle Hervé, director and founder of EH&A Consulting, a firm specializing in sensitive and crisis communication, and Wandrille Krafft, DFIR manager and ISS engineer at Lexfo, Lilian Laugerat, former GIGN officer and director of Solace, Thomas Degardin, cybersecurity coordinator for the Bouygues group, and Gérôme Billois, cybersecurity and digital trust partner at Wavestone.

This event will take place at Campus Cyber (Tour Eria, 5 Rue Bellini, 92800 Puteaux – La Défense).

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