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European digital identity wallet: large-scale trial run in Luxemburg

Potential consortium and Luxemburg authorities to test four EUDIW use cases.

Digital identity & KYC - December 12, 2023

Luxemburg’s Ministry of Digitalization and Government IT Center (CTIE) announced the launch of a digital identity pilot project at the end of November 2023. It will be a full-scale test of four use cases pertaining to the European Digital Identity Wallet, or EUDIW.

The Luxemburg project is part of the EUDIW’s digital identity prototype testing. In January 2023, Brussels tasked the Potential consortium with implementing these trials, which involve six use cases. The prototypes can thus count on the support of over 140 public and private sector organizations within 19 EU member States, and Ukraine.

Over the 26 months of the EUDIW pilot project, consortium participants will assess the effectiveness of their own national and/or European solution for digital identity, and its compatibility on a European level, through six use cases,” explained the Luxemburg government.

In detail, the Luxemburg project will test four of the six use cases in the EUDIW program:

  • storing and mobile use of driver’s license;
  • accessing online administrative services;
  • opening a bank account;
  • remote-signing documents.

Providing a safe and reliable digital wallet solution, which is easy to use and provides documents that are recognized throughout Europe, is a major goal for the Ministry of Digitalization,” reads the press release by Luxemburg authorities.

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