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Feedback on the Breakfast Talk of the FIC Observatory entitled “Cybersecurity, lever of transformation of a business sector. Presentation of the Alb@tros project in the aerospace industry”.

admin - September 29, 2014

On 17 September 2014, the FIC Observatory welcomed Didier Bosque, Innovation Project Director, in charge of relationships with the “Aerospace Valley” Competitiveness Cluster, and Director of the Albatros Programme, Steria.

Alb@tros, a platform developed by various stakeholders of the aerospace industry, aims to boost the competitiveness and security of companies working in the ever-changing aerospace sector. This recently approved project enables its members to benefit from major cybersecurity improvements. By involving both public and private partners, it stands out as an example of entrepreneurial cooperation in the field of cybersecurity for the aerospace industry.

As Didier Bosque explains, Airbus reckons that “70% of the value of an aircraft lies in the supply chain.” This highlights a key aspect of Airbus’ development in the aerospace sector: the ability to work with many partner companies as an “extended enterprise” to provide an effective answer to its clients’ requests. However, this specific feature of the aerospace industry also leads to vulnerabilities, especially as regards cybersecurity. The Alb@tros project thus aims to develop a pooled security approach, thanks to a tool called “box@PME”, which will be rolled out at various participating supply chain companies to detect intrusions in their IT systems. Data interchange between these tools and the Security Operation Center will be secured and anonymised to ensure adequate confidentiality for every SME.

The Alb@tros project has yet another goal: developing several specialised training schemes in the Midi-Pyrénées Region.


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