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FIC launches a “Strategy Challenge”

Amélie RIVES - September 26, 2018

Since 2015, the FIC has held each year technical challenges in digital investigation. This year, it will launch a “strategy challenge” dedicated to strategic thought on the theme of collective security in cyberspace. Participants will react to a hypothetical crisis scenario unfolding after a catastrophic event.

Organized in partnership with the Atlantic Council and the Institut Français de Géopolitique (French Institute of Geopolitics), this type of international challenge is a first in France. During the FIC, the 2-day challenge will bring together about forty students from various European schools and universities. A jury made up of different authorities in the field will designate the winning team, who will present its solutions in plenary before receiving a prize. After the FIC, we will publish a white paper summarizing the major issues tackled by the scenario and the solutions competing teams will come up with.


For further information visit the dedicated FIC web page or send your questions at strategychallenge@forum-fic.com

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