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[FIC – ONE Conference] : « In European Cloud We Trust? »

The International Cybersecurity Forum, in partnership with the  ONE-Conference, the leading cybersecurity event in the Netherlands, is organizing a webinar on March, 23 2023 on the theme: “In European Cloud We Trust?”

March 08, 2023

The webinar will take place in a duplex format live from Paris and The Hague from 3.30pm to 5pm.

Live from The Hague, the Dutch panel will include:

  • Michiel Steltman, Managing Director Dutch Digital infrastructure (DINL)
  • Kees Verhoeven, former member of the Dutch Parliament, named “IT politician of the year” and adviser of the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)
  • Hans Bos, Senior Manager Security Assurance at Amazon Web Services

Live from Paris, the French panel will include:

The webinar will be moderated by Rayna Stamboliyska in France and Sarah Jane Mellor in the Netherlands.

This event will be conducted entirely in English.

Bart Groothuis, Dutch MEP and Rapporteur on NIS2 will give a few introductory words.

With the Netherlands and France being home to some of the biggest cloud infrastructures in Europe and the NIS2 Directive setting out minimum rules, our joint webinar will take a deep dive into the cloud, providing a NL-FR exchange of views on what a more secure and trusted cloud entails and what is a European trusted cloud after all.

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