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Fighting deepfakes: a “top priority” for Europol

A report by the Europol Innovation Lab says that “deepfake prevention and detection” must be “top law enforcement priority.

Cyber risks - May 05, 2022

The criminal uses of deepfakes are extremely numerous: manipulating information to the general public and businesses; perpetrating extortion and fraud; disrupting financial markets; misleading the authorities in an investigation or intervention; promoting the sexual exploitation of vulnerable people, especially children…

The Europol Innovation Lab recently devoted a report to these technologies that can falsify a person’s image and/or voice, which have been democratised by the development of generative adversarial networks: “Advances in artificial intelligence and the availability of large image and video databases mean that the volume and quality of ‘deepfake’ content is increasing,” Europol states.

For Europol, the scale of the risks means that “deepfake detection and prevention must be top law enforcement priority.” The report therefore calls on law enforcement agencies to not only upskill their workforce to detect deepfakes, but also invest in their technical capabilities, “while respecting fundamental rights.”

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