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Future developments for industrial cybersecurity

A recent ABI Research report addresses likely developments in securing ICS

Cyber industrial safety - May 16, 2023

At the end of March, 2023, ABI Research published a report titled: “Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security: strengthening networks and endpoints”. It takes stock of the current situation and likely developments in securing ICS, the Achilles’ heel of critical sectors.

The report states that only 5% of critical industrial infrastructure is equipped to detect cybersecurity threats. A great number of ICS, including SCADA and PLC systems, “were not designed for an increasingly connected industrial environment and, in general, are lacking in the most basic security features,” shows the study.

This trend should continue to grow: ABI Research predicts that investment in industrial connectivity will increase from 41 billion dollars in 2022 to nearly 200 billion dollars in 2030. Researchers point to three mains areas in strengthening industrial cybersecurity: endpoints, networks and ICS protocols.

The report observes that the majority of ICS components are still connected through wired ethernet. This is also the case for “most other connected industrial apps, smart electric-motor industrial pumps, and connected robots and HMI (Human-Machine Interface),” explains Michael Amiri, industrial cybersecurity analyst for ABI Research. Securing these lines is therefore vital.

Yet wireless connectivity (5G, LPWA, LTE-M…), which is clearly growing in industrial environments, will also require cyber protection protocols. “The market for wired connection security will be the greatest in terms of volume, but securing 5G connections is more promising, particularly for market newcomers,” explained Michael Amiri.

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