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Negligence at Quebec Ministry of Cybersecurity

Employee sent confidential information regarding 529 employees to a personal inbox during her transfer to a different government body

Digital transition - August 14, 2023

On August 3, 2023, Quebec’s Ministry for Cybersecurity and Digital Affairs (MCN) confirmed it was undergoing a cybersecurity incident caused by “an employee’s actions.”

On May 23, 2023, the employee transferred the data of 529 staff members in order to provide information and ease her successor into the transition. According to the Ministry, she had access to the information in her professional capacity and acted “in good faith”. She also cooperated with authorities.

“Even though the employee’s intentions were not to use this information unlawfully, her actions went against current security rules for MCN personnel,” stated a Ministry press release. The employee faced disciplinary action from her supervisors. The MCN lodged a complaint, and an investigation was opened.

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