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Hardware and software obsolescence: a real resilience issue

The next inCyber breakfast will take place on Tuesday 30 November, from 8.30am to 10am on the theme: “Hardware and software obsolescence: a real resilience challenge”

Cyber risks - November 22, 2021

NTT’s 2020 Global Network Insights Report shows that the modernisation and renewal of equipment in Europe is slowing down: 48% of equipment is now old or obsolete and consequently has unpatched flaws and software vulnerabilities that are a real risk to the security of organisations. As working patterns change with the spread of teleworking and the proliferation of ‘intelligent’ spaces, exchange platforms, and other sharing tools, the obsolescence of equipment and software is becoming a real resilience issue. What risks does it pose to organisations? Are rigorous maintenance and an adapted ISSP enough to protect against them? What are the solutions and best practices to prevent and remedy them?


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