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Interim agreement on European digital identity wallet

European Parliament and Council pass first bill to regulate measures on identification throughout European Union.

Digital identity & KYC - November 14, 2023

On November 8, 2023, the European Parliament and Council reached an interim agreement on regulating the European digital identity wallet. The wallet will allow every European citizen to show proof of identity throughout the EU, and enjoy secure administrative and commercial procedures.

The wallet will take the shape of a free mobile app tied to each member State’s national digital identification system; in France this will be France Identité. The ID will be recognized throughout the EU, “without having to use private identification methods or uselessly sharing personal data,” explains the European Council.

The user will be able to tie other documents to identification, such as a driver’s license, diplomas or a bank account. The app will make it possible to access online public and private services, but also to store, share and sign digital documents.

During negotiations, MEPs obtained provisions to protect the rights of citizens and promote an inclusive digital system while avoiding discrimination towards those who choose to not use the digital wallet,” explains the European Parliament in a press release.

Moreover, the European Council reminds users they will remain in control of the data they choose to share or not. The wallet will also include a tab to report suspected data protection breaches. Finally, the software code will be open source, “in order to prevent potential abuse, illegal monitoring, tracking or interception by authorities.”

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