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Let’s provide our ecosystem with the highest level of security!

For several years now in Europe, we, the players of the digital sector, have been aware that it is essential to put in place a demanding compliance framework to strengthen the trust of citizens, businesses and administrations in the world of digital technology. The exponential growth of data created through new usages accelerates the need for a high-level trust framework capable of guaranteeing the security of data in the cloud.

In France, the SecNumCloud security visa issued by the Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI) allows cloud providers who hold this qualification to meet the most stringent security requirements. The rigor of this SecNumCloud standard is widely recognized in France and in Europe today. In fact, the French government has made it a criterion for access to the Cloud de confiance label. It also provides a guideline for the establishment of a certification framework by ENISA (European Union Agency for cybersecurity) for the highest level of security. Germany also has a reference framework known as the C5 catalog. Thus, these countries’ digital players are already experienced in providing highly secure cloud services to their ecosystems.

It will now be a matter of evaluating and taking advantage of the very best of these good technical, organizational and regulatory practices in order to create, along with the other Member States, a certification system capable of responding in a uniform manner to the challenges of security in Europe.

Since the beginning of the EUCS, the ambition was to have homogeneous levels for all member countries. We must therefore ensure that the highest EUCS level is in line with the SecNumCloud specifications.

Data protection is a crucial concern for Europeans who, in a context of rapidly accelerating digital transformation, are entrusting their most precious assets to the players of the digital sector.

European values and commitments are therefore trust guarantees that must be respected and that apply to all those who wish to operate in the territory.

Thus, among the requirements of the EUCS project, at its highest level, it is essential to preserve the criteria of immunity to extraterritorial laws. The implementation of an ambitious certification framework is in line with the European values and commitments regarding data protection, transparency and sovereignty.

In a world of constant change, digital sovereignty allows us to be the masters of our own destiny. It is essential that Europe guarantees the most rigorous security framework to protect the often sensitive data of our citizens, companies and institutions.

A high-level European certification in cybersecurity is necessary to ensure consistency in the level of security within each state and to build a European digital ecosystem capable of meeting the most stringent requirements in a uniform manner.

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