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Microsoft presented its ‘Zero Trust’ strategy and cybersecurity report

Microsoft France detailed its ‘Zero Trust’ strategy and its report on the latest cybersecurity trends

Cybercrime - Estelle Augat - November 02, 2021

Microsoft France took advantage of the cybersecurity conference ‘LES ASSISES’ in Monaco to present its new cyber defence doctrine, called ‘Zero Trust.’ This approach imposes to “never trust and always verify.” It restricts employees’ access to the resources they specifically need and asks them to regularly verify their identity.

Microsoft France also detailed the main findings of its ‘Digital Defense Report 2021,’ a study on the latest trends in cybersecurity.

In particular, the report reveals that 58% of cyberattacks from nation states in 2020-2021 originated from Russia, with the compromise rate reaching 32% (up from 21% in 2019-2020). The group also says it neutralised 168,000 malicious sites in one year, including 15,000 phishing sites.

The report shows that the United States is by far the country that is the most affected by ransomware, with three times as many attacks as the second most affected country, China. Ransomware also targeted primarily the following five industries: retail (13%), financial services (12%), manufacturing (12%), government (11%), and healthcare (9%).

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