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Mysterious Team Bangladesh hacktivists target France

DDoS attacks hit airports and university to protest French presence in Niger and Senegal, but also ban on abaya dress in French schools.

On August 30 and 31, the hacktivist collective, Mysterious Team Bangladesh, carried out a series of DDoS attacks against French targets, in particular airports and a university. Although the airports of Paris, Calvi and Lille held strong, those of Toulon-Hyères and Strasbourg remained down several hours.

The cybercriminals also took down the Paris Cité University website. The school, a merger of the Paris-Descartes, Paris-Diderot and IPGP (research institute), has over 50,000 students.

Mysterious Team Bangladesh claims to be a Muslim group of hacktivists from Bangladesh that targets the West. “Our current target is France because of their interference in Niger and Senegal. France supports the Senegalese government and could resort to military intervention in Niger. France also banned the abaya for women in schools (…). These are the three reasons for our cyberattacks against France,” explained one of the hacktivists to Numerama.

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