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New European centre of excellence in Cybersecurity – CYBERSEC HUB launched in Poland – By Robert Siudak, Project Manager

October 14, 2016

During the European Cybersecurity Forum CYBERSEC 2016, the CYBERSEC HUB has been launched in the Małopolska Region in Poland with the city of Kraków as a focal point. The main goal of this project is to harvest the accumulated technology, investment and research in order to boost innovations in the cybersecurity sector. The CYBERSEC HUB brings together academia and business, Polish and foreign companies, start-ups, as well as local authorities and NGOs.

Why Kraków? This city is one of the largest start-up hubs in Europe with over two hundred ICT businesses, unparalleled investment opportunities, access to talent, funding and the entire EU market. This unique environment attracts many global IT companies which moved their Research, Development and Security Operations Centres to Małopolska Region. One of the first initiatives ran by the Hub is CYBERSEC ACCELERATOR which helps ICT and cybersecurity start-ups and SMEs from Małopolska Region to reach international markets.

CYBERSEC HUB promotes also openness and international dialog on cybersecurity as funding principles for growth and development in the cyber domain. That is why a new quarterly journal, European Cybersecurity Market, will be published this Autumn. If you would like to contribute to the discussion by presenting your article or material, please contact the Chief Editor (deadline for the submission to the first edition is due to 24th of October, 2016).


CYBERSEC HUB platform: www.cybersechub.eu

European Cybersecurity Forum CYBERSEC: www.cybersec.eu

CYBERSEC HUB project manager and Chief Editor of the European Cybersecurity Market: Mr. Robert Siudak robert.siudak@ik.org.pl

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