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New uses at the heart of the FIC 2017

With the development of new uses, cybersecurity is no longer optional. The growing interconnectedness of cyberspace, the physical world and living beings multiplies the risks — and not just when it comes to IT. Material and human damages are no longer theoretical risks: operational safety is at stake.


At a time of digital transformation, security must be developed and incorporated into technologies “by design.”


However, new uses are turning security itself on its head: proliferation of sensors, artificial intelligence, quantum networks and computers, predictive analysis, the blockchain, homomorphic encryption and so on. Tomorrow’s security must be more intelligent to meet the challenges of an increasingly connected world.


These uses and new technologies will be at the heart of the FIC 2017, which seeks to give the floor to end users.


A call for papers has been issued on the FIC 2017. We look forward to receiving your proposals.


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