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NIS 2: towards a European cyber security shield

The revised NIS Directive: a critical introduction to the EU’s cybersecurity strategy and rules

With the revision of the NIS directive or “NIS 2”, the EU Commission proposes to reshape the rules on network and information systems security through a Directive on measures for a high common level of cyber security across the Union to improve the resilience of critical public and private sectors.

The aim is to build a true “cyber security shield” for the EU with the ability to detect early signals of impending cyber attacks and enable action before damage is caused.

The problem is that it is only a Directive and not a Regulation, similar to the GDPR, to implement uniform protection measures in all member states and to “force” the states and companies to implement appropriate protection measures.

This is an issue that the BSKI, The German Association for Critical Infrastructure Protection, BSKI, will raise at FIC2021.



The BSKI was founded in June 2018 to represent interests from the field of critical infrastructure in Germany.

Today, the Federal Association for Critical Infrastructure Protection (BSKI) is the central contact point for decision-makers from critical infrastructures to establish holistic protection concepts. Its mission is to identify security risks for critical infrastructures and their suppliers at an early stage and to reduce them through targeted concepts for prevention, response and postvention. In doing so, the very highest protection goals (technical, organisational, personal) are pursued for critical infrastructures.

In addition to initiating research projects, intensive dialogue with science and politics is promoted.

Through targeted training programmes, publications and events, members are made aware of possible risks in their infrastructures. Through cooperation with leading industry experts and competent authorities, the BSKI can also support critical infrastructures of any size in an advisory capacity.

The tasks of the BSKI e.V. described above are diverse, the best known probably being the protection of electricity, water supply and disposal, gas supply as well as IT security with all its implications for critical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes for the elderly through to companies and individuals.

BSKI e.V. is thus an interest group that represents the interests of all KRITIS institutions and affected parties to the outside world and also provides its members with concrete help in the form of information and service offers. The BSKI e.V. has no economic interest of its own.

The protection of critical infrastructures is one of the most important tasks in a highly technical world such as the Federal Republic of Germany, since without “critical infrastructure facilities” the existence of the state and the coexistence of its citizens would be endangered in the long term.

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