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Nozomi Networks’ survey

OT/ICS cybersecurity threats are on the rise, according to a survey by Nozomi Networks

A survey commissioned to the SANS Institute by industrial cybersecurity specialist Nozomi Networks and published in late August 2021 reveals that OT/ICS cybersecurity risks are increasing in number and severity.

15% of the industrialists surveyed declared having suffered a security incident in their OT/ICS systems over the last twelve months. In half of the cases, these intrusions came from an external connection. More worryingly, almost half of the respondents (48%) do not know whether their organisation had been compromised or not. Only 12% are convinced that they have not suffered an incident.

In the end, 69.8% of the manufacturers surveyed believe the threats to their OT environments are high or severe, up from the 2019 survey. As a result, 47% say their ICS security budget has increased over the past two years.


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