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Online bank Revolut suffers data breach

Data belonging to 32,000 clients of British online bank Revolut was stolen, apparently without impact on deposits

Cybercrime - September 28, 2022

Online banks process particularly sensitive data, and any breach is likely to worry clients. Fintech company Revolut recently admitted it had suffered a “highly targeted cyberattack”. “An unauthorised third party” was able to gain access to “the data of 32,000 customers” or “0.16%” of the start-up’s more than 20 million customers.

The online bank stated that the intrusion lasted a short period of time, since the attack was “immediately detected and isolated” and “no funds were accessed or stolen”. According to Resolut, customers need not worry and can “continue to use [their] card[s] and account[s] normally”.

However, the bank did not say whether it was pressing charges nor what types of data the hackers had access to. A simple desire to protect the ongoing investigation, or a form of opacity to keep customers from worrying? As is often the case with such a compromise, we could be forgiven for having our doubts.


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