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Panorama of cyber innovation – 2022 FIC Startup Award

The information presented in this panorama was collected from the 75 companies that applied for the award. Organised in partnership with Atos and with the support of ECSO, it rewards each year the most innovative companies in the field of cybersecurity.

June 27, 2022

Among the main trends:

  • 77% of first-time candidates,
  • 27% of the candidates are from European countries outside France,
  • ‘‘Governance, traceability and auditing‘‘, ‘‘data security‘‘ and ‘‘OT / Securing industrial systems‘‘ are the three dominant segments in 2022,
  • The ‘‘banking, finance and insurance‘‘ sector remains the priority target, while the public sector is less attractive than before,
  • Startups with high potential: 78% of them have the status of young innovative company and 76% invest more than 20% in R&D,
  • +3/4 of the candidates had a growth of more than 20 % in 2021,
  • Digital sovereignty impacts 77% of startups when 87 % of startups have international ambitions, particularly in Europe and North America,
  • The COVID-19 crisis forced 51% of candidates to stop their fundraising project and review their strategic vision.


Download the Panorama here !

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