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SCADAfence & Keysight Technologies

SCADAfence partners with Keysight Technologies to improve the security of industrial OT networks

Cyber industrial safety - October 22, 2021

SCADAfence, an Israeli specialist in OT and IoT cybersecurity systems, announced in late September 2021 a partnership with Keysight Technologies, an U.S. manufacturer of industrial electronic measurement instruments.

Together, the two companies will develop highly complex OT network cybersecurity solutions for industrial infrastructures, in particular oil and gas facilities, water supply and treatment equipment, and the automotive industry.

These industrial OT networks are extremely diversified, which makes them more vulnerable to threats, whose attack surface is constantly increasing.

The solutions jointly developed by SCADAfence and Keysight Technologies will provide real-time visibility into these OT environments, continuous threat detection, and drastically reduced time to fix vulnerabilities.

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