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Stolen credit cards: Try2Check shutdown

US authorities seized the servers of the illegal service, which specializes in checking the validity of stolen bank cards, and placed a 10 million dollars bounty on its founder

Antifraud action - May 16, 2023

On May 3, 2023, American Intelligence and the United States Department of Justice shut down the websites of Try2Check, one of the most popular services for checking the validity of stolen credit cards. Created in 2005, it processed a million transactions a month, charging 20 cents for each. Its reliability made Try2Check the official website of several stolen credit card enterprises, including Vault Market, UniCC and Joker’s Stash.

All of Try2Check’s websites now display a domain seizure notice from intelligence agencies or the DOJ. New York Eastern District prosecutors also released an indictment and search warrant against its presumed owner, Russian national Denis Gennadievich Kulkov. US authorities believe he has made at least 18 million dollars (16 million euros) off Try2Check.

This indictment comes with a 10 million dollars (9 million euros) reward from the State Department for any information leading to the arrest and sentencing of Denis Kulkov.

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