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Thales closes Imperva deal early

Acquisition makes French group “one of the five world leaders” in cybersecurity.

Operational security - December 12, 2023

In early December 2023, Thales announced that its acquisition of the US cybersecurity giant, Imperva, for 3.6 billion euros, was already in effect. Revealed in July 2023, the operation was initially due for early 2024. The acquisition is a “major turning point” for Thales, as it makes the French group “one of the five world leaders” in cybersecurity.

Indeed, Imperva’s clients make up a third of Fortune 100 companies, the 100 largest US companies. Relying on around 1,400 employees throughout the world, the firm earned 500 million euros in sales in 2022.

Thales highlights the strong complementarity of its own cyber businesses (which are particularly centered around identity and data management) and Imperva’s. The US group is indeed a specialist in critical app security, APIs and large-scale data. More specifically, it offers solutions in firewalling, protection against DDoS attacks and data management to counter data leaks.

Thales will consolidate its cybersecurity businesses around three pillars: identity, data and app security. The group will offer a new range of cyber products aimed at critical businesses and customers, particularly State governments.

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