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Amélie RIVES - February 18, 2019

As soon as Lille Grand Palais’ lights went out, the FIC team was already gearing up for the next edition. We draw upon your legitimate requirements as a source of inspiration and imagination, giving us an ever-better ability to meet your expectations. Without each and every one of you, the FIC would have no raison d’être. You give it the “added soul” that makes it so original. There really is a “FIC spirit”, shared by our partners, speakers, visitors, journalists, institutional representatives, students and the entire cybersecurity community, that has become accustomed to heading off to Lille every year, even if it can be a bit…snowy. Please accept our thanks!

Thank you to all those who helped secure the success of an 11th FIC that brought together nearly 10,000 participants from over 100 countries. Every year, we welcome a growing number of companies and partners that reinforce its European and international character.  The FIC is a place where we can propose another “way forward”, another “voice” within an international community in search of governance.

Thank you for sharing our key idea that cybersecurity is a condition for the freedom of a digital space that is expanding exponentially. Digital transformation can bring about tremendous progress, provided we are able to take ownership of change, rather than succumbing to it. According to philosopher Alain, if pessimism is of mood, optimism is of will. This will is what drives us on, independent of our mood and without naivety. It is the only stance that can really resist the cyberthreats that continue to grow and diversify. Together, let’s continue our ambitious fight for a safer internet!


Guillaume TISSIER                                                                                    Marc WATIN-AUGOUARD   

CEO of CEIS                                                                                                  Founder of the FIC

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