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The ECA is in Lille!

The European Champions Alliance (ECA) is a non-for-profit initiative by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and business development experts who stand for European Tech and values. Our objective is to support the development of European Champions in the digital ecosystem, empowering them to compete with worldwide competitors.

The ECA has several focus groups, one being Cybersecurity. In this domain, we have decided to launch a collective, pan-European campaign, to promote the necessity of comprehensive cyber protection, and to show that the European cyber-industry provides efficient solutions. We believe that, in the present race between hackers and defenders, the former so far have a head start. However, we are convinced that it is possible to reverse this trend. Our goal is to increase the share of European suppliers in the regional cybersecurity markets to at least 50% in 2025. In addition, we want Europe to nurture at least 5 Cyber unicorns by 2027.

In Lille, on September 7th, from 2pm CEST, we will hold a forum during which we invite every company – be it a Cyber editor, a service company, a user – to share with us information on the progress of this campaign. During the summer, we will focus on connecting all Cybersecurity stakeholders in our network, and we will present the results we will have achieved by that date. Some good content to come!

Furthermore, we will organize an exchange on some hot topics, like: “How efficient are early threat detection and response systems exposed to new attacks such as supply chain attacks? What about smart factories, i.e., how can we protect them as their manufacturing systems are now connected? How to avoid disruption by compromised applications?”

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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