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The first FIC 2016 scientific committee held on April 14, 2015

May 12, 2015

Fifteen members of the scientific committee met in Paris on Tuesday April 14 to start preparing for the next edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum. The 2016 edition of the FIC will focus on data, its security and privacy. It will be called “Data Security & Privacy.”

8 axes were chosen to structure the FIC 2016:
– Data, as digital processing fuel;
– The control of data sovereignty;
– Data, a threatened capital;
– Law and data;
– Which data security strategy should be employed by companies?
– Which technologies should be used to secure data?
– Data and sectoral issues;
– Societal and ethical issues related to data.

An interactive blog is accessible at Multivote FIC 2016. Through external contributions and involvement from the general public, topics are enriched. There are votes for various topics and comments are published.

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