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The Vauban Sessions, January 24th 2019, Lille

Amélie RIVES - January 24, 2019

How has Digital Transformation impacted military operations?

Cyber has in the last decade grown to permeate military operations all the way from the training and planning stage through to deployment and conduct, as a transversal aspect of modern-day warfare across the land, sea, air and space domains. Held immediately after the International Cybersecurity Forum in Lille, the Vauban Sessions will examine the progress made by a number of NATO Allies in integrating digital into their operational and tactical doctrines, what training requirements cyber has generated, and how to leverage innovation to improve training and exercises.

The Vauban Sessions, to be held on January 24th, 2019 in Lille, France, are organised by the French Rapid Reaction Corps (RCC-Fr) with the support of CEIS. The conference, titled “Training for Operations in a Digital Environment“, will focus on the impact of digital transformation on military operations in the 21st century and the resulting training requirements.


Featured speakers will include:

General (ret.) Jean-Paul Paloméros, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) and now senior advisor at CEIS

General (ret.) Didier Castres, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (SCOPS) of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces and now senior advisor at CEIS

Vice Amiral Arnaud Coustillière, Director General CIS, French Ministry of the Armed Forces 

General Vincent Guionie, Commander of the Land Forces, French Ministry of the Armed Forces 

Dr Gregory Edwards, Director, Service Operations, NCIA

Major General Wolfgang Renner, Deputy Chief of Staff for CyberNATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (SHAPE)

Major General Jürgen Setzer, Deputy Commander of the Cyber and Information Domain Service, German Ministry of Defence

Jean-Paul Massart, Chief, Education and Training, NCIA

Brigadier General Gérard Metz, Deputy Chief of Staff, Eurocorps

Lieutenant General Michiel van der Laan, Commander 1 Corps (Germany/Netherlands)


The Vauban Sessions will welcome representatives from NATO Nations’ military forces, NATO and EU institutions, including experts in cybersecurity and cyberdefence, operational planning and training, and from High Readiness Forces, with the objective of fostering an in-depth and off-the-record discussion on the digital elements of modern-day military operations.


For any information or registration, please contact frichardtixier@ceis.eu 

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