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Thematic Breakfast – 24 May 2016: Integrators and users: how to find a customised cyber solution? Become an experimenter.

May 24, 2016

Originally seen as a cost centre, strengthening the security of a hardware product, software product or solution may become a source of added value or market differentiation for an industrial company’s offer.


The Brittany region of France has established an original approach that develops innovative cybersecurity products and services via testing. It is based on the expressed needs of an industrial company and involves the creation of a “technical solution provider-experimenter” pair who will work for a relatively short time (9-12 months) on developing a solution that meets the industrial company’s expectations. The objective is to place a tested solution on the market quickly, with the experimenter playing the role of first “customer.”


What is the benefit for the experimenter? The experimenter is able to develop a product that meets a given set of needs as closely as possible at a lower cost and lends credibility to the experimenter’s security process.


This approach takes the form of a regional call for projects dedicated to developing and testing trusted components or solutions. The financed projects are backed by the technical solution provider associated with an experimenter, who may be a customer, integrator or user.


The intended applications focus in particular on the manufacturing, banking, health, energy, maritime and transport sectors.

If you are a player in one of these sectors, this system is a genuine opportunity. Come learn about it in detail during the next FIC Observatory breakfast.


This breakfast will be moderated by the Meito team, which represents cyber solutions providers. Testimonials by industrial companies will punctuate a presentation of the system.

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