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Thematic Breakfast: How to make smart cities safe and secure ?

May 03, 2017

Designed as platforms serving citizen’s needs, smart cities rely on ever more powerful and interconnected networks of all kinds combining infrastructures, digital services and information systems, in a bid to collect and exploit data and to make information available to all residents. Smart sensors, logic controlers and the IoT have become essential components of these new spaces. But technologies are not enough. The very concept of smart cities has turned upside down the ways of thinking about and managing cities, and a shared vision of this new model and its objectives still needs to be developped. As they are exposed to cascading effects of a potential attack on one link of the chain, systems in these networks and networks of networks are also more vulnerable. Besides, the ever growing volume and speed of these flows of data poses real data protection challenges. How to make smart cities secure cities, and what obstacles remain to be lifted ?

Isam Shahrour, professor at Université de Lille and director of the « SunRise – Smart City ” project, Julien Leproust, Infrastructure Architect at OpenDataSoft, and Gérard Wolf, President of the Sustainable Cities Task Force at MEDEF International, will be discussing this issues.


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