1 min

Thematic Breakfast: Quantum Computing: the encryption challenge

June 13, 2017

Following the improvement of particles manipulation technics, quantum computing has aroused renewed interest among private and public actors in the last few years. In the meantime, substantial budgets were released to meet the proliferation of associated initiatives. The advent of quantum computers seems more credible than ever, and revives old concerns brought about by the invention of Shor’s algorithm in 1994. Such computers would indeed make most cryptosystems based on public keys in use today vulnerable – providing said quantum computer is powerful enough. What is at stake in the NIST’s call for proposals regarding a quantum-resistant cryptographic standard? Which cryptographic systems, existing or in development, may counter such threats? What are the risks and implications associated with their deployment? Should crypto-agility – that is, the ability to rapidly switch to a new cryptosystem – become a priority for organizations?

Romain Alléaume, Teacher and Researcher at Telecom Paris-Tech and Doctor in Quantum Cryptography, Adrien Facon, Special Projects Manager at Secure-IC and Doctor in quantum physics, and Guenael Renault, Cryptography Expert at ANSSI and Professor at UPMC, will join us to discuss these issues.


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