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Thematic Breakfast : Which opportunities for the French digital and cybersecurity industries in Africa ?

March 01, 2017

The next thematic breakfast of the FIC Observatory will take place on Wednesday 1st March 2017 on the topic « Which opportunities for the French digital and cybersecurity industries in Africa ? »


The African continent has experienced a rapid digitalisation in the last 5 years, in particular through the emergence of mobile Internet. As a consequence, new uses such as mobile payment, the dematerialisation of administrative processes, digital identity, biometry, etc… are booming in West Africa. However, this rapid digital transformation also brings about new threats which are likely to affect the region’s economic growth and to hinder its development.

Although it is often forgotten by export and international development strategies, Africa retains important assets: a dynamic common language : French, a legislative framework quite close to French legislation, and the establishment of several major French companies on its territory.

Which are the opportunities for the French digital industry in Africa ? How to face international competitors with strong ambitions ? How to manage cybersecurity challenges at a local level ? And is there a room for French expertise in this sector ?

Julien Dechanet, Navy Cyberdefense officer in West Africa (2013/2016), Didier Hénin, CISO Group, BUT, and Member of the Clusif, Cyril Magliano, CEO, Systemis, and Eric Adja, Director for Digital Economy, OIF (to be confirmed), will be discussing these questions.


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