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There is no cyberdefense without cooperation

Pegasus affair, cyberattacks on SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline, recent APT31 activities, information warfare on COVID-19: the last months have been particularly intense. A demonstration—for those who still needed one—that cyber players must continuously adapt. In cyberspace, we are shifting from a “peace-crisis-war” to a “competition-dispute-confrontation” continuum.

Yet, to lead and win a competition, your team must be as versatile as possible, as no technical field was ever conquered without human intelligence. The FIC 2021’s theme—”For a collaborative and cooperative cybersecurity“—could not be more relevant.

The cyber challenge requires us to maintain close relations not only with our peers, but also with research laboratories, academia, and the industrial fabric. Each stakeholder has a role to play. Year after year, cyberattacks are growing in number and complexity, and our opponents are looking for every opportunity to affect us. In such a situation, information exchanges on threats are unparalleled assets.

This is why I look forward to seeing you at the 2021 edition of the FIC, which will undoubtedly give rise to fascinating debates and fruitful exchanges.

Air Division General Didier Tisseyre

Cyberdefence Commander

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