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UK to launch digital identity in April 2022

The UK government has said that the first version of its digital identity service—called One Login—is expected to go live in April 2022

On 5 November 2021, the UK government approved £400 million (€469 million) in funding to bring the first version of its digital identity system—One Login—online in April 2022.

It will work on the principle of a single sign-on (SSO) capability, developed by the Government Digital Service for the gov.uk website, which will guarantee digital identity verification and allow access to many public services. Twelve government departments will collaborate on this.

‘One Login’ is expected to be fully deployed by 2025. It will be based on a government app using biometrics, to allow citizens to log in via their biometric data or a passport chip. The app will use NFC technology and will be hosted in the cloud by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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