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Use of generative AI growing in corporations without clear guidelines

Fifty-eight percent of French employees who use generative AI for work do so without employer authorization.

Cyber risks - December 05, 2023

On November 27, 2023, Salesforce published a comprehensive study on generative AI use in companies across 14 countries, including France. It shows that many users received neither training, nor advice, nor approval from their employer. In France, only 18% of employees admit turning to generative AI for work.

Yet out of this segment, more than half (58%) acknowledge having used tools their employer did not officially authorize. Worse yet, nearly half (49%) have used tools that were explicitly forbidden by their company, which is three times more than British workers. Similarly, 71% of employees have already passed off AI-generated work as their own.

This chaotic use seems to stem first and foremost from the lack of interest French businesses show in this tech. Eighty-seven percent of French employees thus claim their employer has no “clearly defined policy” on generative AI. Seventy-nine percent have never received any information on the tech in a professional capacity.

Two thirds of French users boast AI’s positive effects on work efficiency: 68% feel they are more productive and 63%, more involved. “Generative AI will continue to spread in the work environment, with or without a clearly defined corporate framework. It is in the interest of businesses to anticipate this phenomenon,” points out Kheira Boulhila, Senior Vice-President of Salesforce.

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