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Vth edition of the “Agor@ du Fic”: France and the Blockchain : modernisation challenges et security issues

Amélie RIVES - November 29, 2018

The genesis of the Blockchain technology coincides with a period of mistrust of the institutional and banking system in times of financial crisis. The blockchain, a distributed database which contains the forgery-proof and time-stamped history of all transactions recorded by its users since its creation, and which acts to replace trusted third parties, has many potential applications and is not limited to the monetary field.

Estonia had an early will into digital transition and succeeded in creating a unique digital administration platform. This Nordic State has logically been a pioneer in using Blockchain with its “X-Road” system.

However, the multiplication of Blockchain uses raises numerous concerns. These include the protection of personal data, States’ monetary sovereignty, technological infallibility…

The French government has already begun issuing dedicated through Order No. 2016-520 of 28 April 2016 on savings bonds, and Order No. 2017-1674 on the use of a shared electronic recording system for the representation and transmission of financial securities and in particular through GDPR. But the question is: Is France able to be part of the Blockchain revolution?

The Vth edition of “Agor@ du Fic”, organized by the French Gendarmerie will discuss these questions with Estonian ambassador in France Alar Streimann, high level members of parliament, and Blockchain experts.

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