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Wallix launches SaaS platform dedicated to access and identity

Wallix One-PAM enables management of all corporate digital accesses, with high-level security and high degree of automation.

Digital identity & KYC - December 17, 2023

On December 14, 2023, French PAM (Privileged Access Management) specialist Wallix announced the launch of its SaaS platform. Named Wallix One-PAM, it will converge the management of a company’s digital, internal and external accesses onto a single interface.

“Moving our solutions towards the SaaS model was an innovation priority for this year, in order to meet the needs of businesses,” explained Jean-Noël de Galzain, founder and CEO of Wallix.

According to the startup, Wallix One-PAM “quickly and easily renders a zero-trust architecture operational, ensuring compliance with current regulation for businesses of all sizes.” By automating a number of tasks, the platform also means to fill the cyber skill gap in France, providing optimal security without having to resort to internal expertise.

The SaaS solution provides two exclusive services:

  • Wallix One-IDaaS, which guarantees employees access to all the computer systems they use (and only those), with a single password and multifactor authentication;
  • Wallix One-RA (Remote Access), which allows temporary and secure granting of access to outside service providers, an essential tool, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

The platform also carries all of Wallix’s PAM features, in particular:

  • guaranteeing the identity of the user enjoying extended privileges;
  • secure management of passwords and temporary access codes;
  • tracking activity across all sessions;
  • in-depth auditing of accesses.
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