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Western Digital suffers massive leak of sensitive data

Attackers threaten to release 10TB of critical information if a large ransom is not paid

Cybercrime - April 28, 2023

On April 13, 2023, TechCrunch interviewed the cybercriminals who successfully attacked Western Digital earlier that month. The U.S. computer storage giant had admitted that an “unauthorized third party” had stolen data from it.

The hackers claimed to have 10TB of highly sensitive data for Western Digital. They would have recovered the personal phone numbers of the firm’s executives, internal emails and data on e-commerce operations.

The cybercriminals are also believed to have the credentials of an online data storage Box account. They even claim to be able to make fake code signing certificates. Finally, they claim to still have access to some of Western Digital’s servers, and thus be able to retrieve other data.

The hackers boast of having sent Western Digital a ransom in “at least eight figures” (at least 10 million dollars). If not paid, they threaten to make public the 10TB they stole. In the wrong hands, this data could generate numerous frauds, scams and cyber attacks against Western Digital.

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