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Yves Bernaert, new CEO of Atos Group

Yves Bernaert leaves Accenture management to head Eviden, tech giant’s cloud, cybersecurity, supercomputer, and quantum branch.

Operational security - October 07, 2023

On October 4, 2023, Atos announced the appointment of Yves Bernaert, current head of Accenture Technology Europe, as CEO of Eviden, the tech giant’s growing business branch. The arrival should facilitate the split of the French group into two entities, a decision made in 2022.

Eviden will incorporate Atos’s cloud, cybersecurity, supercomputer and quantum information businesses, and will remain independent. The other branch, Tech Foundations, will include all of Atos’s traditional activities, particularly in IT facilities management. Nourdine Bihmane, currently at the head of Atos, will remain in charge of the latter entity, which has been in the red for several years.

In August 2023, the French group announced the sale of Tech Foundations to Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský for two billion euros, including 1.9 billion in debt transfer. The acquisition should make it possible to finalize the split by the end of 2023 or early 2024. Relieved of its traditional businesses, Atos will then take the name of Eviden.

The operation will come with a 900 million euro increase in Eviden’s capital. Daniel Křetínský will hold a 7.5% stake in Eviden through his investment vehicle, EP Equity Investment.

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