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[NationalSecurity] Hacker group interviewed to understand cyber chaos

04 septembre 2014

It can be difficult for outsiders of the cyberworld to understand why people hack for the lolz. The Guardian was able to land an interview with Derptolling, a clandestine group of coders and computers ‘who have a taste and talent for internet chaos’. The group often takes calls from the Internet community to find a target, and they often chose large corporations and video game companies to break their online infrastructures via DDoS. The hacker interviewed believes these attacks will only increase because they are low-cost, low-risk, and distributed in nature. These attacks for the lolz are especially attractive for teenagers because it is amusing and a way to lash out against the ‘system’. However, oftentimes when there is anarchy, there is also apathy. This apathy can make way for the emergence of extremist actors on the Internet, who can take the fun out of it all.

Source: NationalSecurity

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