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Network security matters [by Arnaud Legrand, Nokia]

22 février 2016

There are growing concerns about securing the communications network as this is the first line of protection against numerous and complex cyber attacks. With the digitalization of more and more mission-critical services, network security for Defense, Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure Providers is becoming a major issue. Effectively protecting critical assets requires a layered “defense-in-depth” approach, where multiple layers of security controls are implemented to protect them.
Unfortunately many existing mission-critical networks are not supporting robust protection mechanism at the physical layer. This is preventing them from being compliant with latest security guidelines and best practices to strengthen their defense against most recent hacking techniques.

To address this growing cyber security threat, and comply with the most stringent security certification requirements, Nokia unveiled at the FIC 2016 a unique network security solution specifically designed and certified to manage layer 1 encryption and intrusion detection for both optical and microwave networks. It secures critical infrastructures with the objectives to:
– Minimize the network attack surface/Increase the effort
– time required to compromise the network
– Decrease the amount of time required to detect and respond to an attack.

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