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[SCO] CIO divides the cyber world into three categories: zombies, cyborgs and knights

03 septembre 2014

Francis Trentley, the former CIO of the Bush administration and current manager for Akamai In the Cloud, divides the cyber world into three sorts of people for the sake of security threat management: Zombies, Cyborgs, and Knights. The Zombies represent an asymmetric threat, meaning they far outnumber the targets. The Cyborgs are the customer bases or end-users (of Akamai) who rely on the data and services received by a company threat management company (Akamai), to manage attacks. The Knights are the teams of security experts that defend against Zombies. The best team of Knights, Trentley explains, is not composed of the best security experts, but rather a group of experts who complement one another’s skills and work well together.

Source: SCO

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